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Immigrant Women’s Association of Manitoba

Outreach Program

As part of the outreach program, women can receive assistance with basic needs and community support such as attending medical and legal appointments.

Wellness Program

IWAM offers wellness workshops to connect women with similar experiences to one another, and a safe place to share and learn about each other’s cultures. The purpose of this program is to improve all aspect of self including body, mind, emotions and spirit. The program topic may include but not limited to:

  • Multiculturalism Expo
  • Healing trauma through dance
  • Crime Prevention Workshops
  • Understanding the System
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Employment information session
  • Financial Planning
  • English tutoring

IWAM offers individual or small group English tutoring for immigrant and refugee women. Even if you are already enrolled in English classes, but would like additional English support you are eligible for this service.

Youth Mentorship Opportunities

IWAM also helps immigrant youth to connect with other like minded youth so they can develop long lasting friendships though mentorship programs and activities.


IWAM Annual dinner – IWAM will be hosting an annual dinner which will be made to celebrate immigrant women who have made remarkable difference within society and also get women to network in a safe space.

IWAM Annual Zumba – As a tradition, IWAM always has a Zumba fundraiser to facilitate and fund its other events.

IWAM Lunch and learn: The aim of the Lunch and learn event is to get ladies networking as well as get key note speakers who have made a difference within the society to share their stories and talk about their success.

IWAM Tea for Solidarity: The annual Tea for Solidarity will be kept under the new structure as it is a fundraising activity. The difference between the “Lunch and learn” and the “Tea for Solidarity” will be the fact that there will be a panel at the Lunch and learn. The lunch and learn is also a networking opportunity for ladies to meet possible mentors or women who have attained a high level of success.


  • Self care meetings
  • Asset Building
  • Financial Management
  • Roaming Book Club
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